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Welcome to Habcrush!

Version 5, Nitro!


Date 06/05/2024

Hey Guys, It's Bran!

Welcome to Habcrush Version 5, Nitro!

We've worked so hard over these past few months perfecting our Version 5 release which is our biggest relaunch to date!

What's happened?

We've moved from Flash to Nitro so you don't need to download Maxthon Nitro browser anymore to access Habcrush, you can do it from Google Chrome or your iPhone or any other browser you use!

Where's my account?

All accounts have been saved in our Plus Emulator database, because we moved to a completely new emulator (Arcturus Morningstar) all accounts couldn't be ported over, but feel free to re-make your account and your rooms, if you're a long serving member of Habcrush on our Flash client contact me on Discord and you'll be reimburst for your rooms of 5,000 coins so you can rebuild your rooms!

What's changed?

Like i said in the previous sentence we've switched emulator from Plus Emulator to Arcturus Morningstar which has a lot more features than Plus Emulator has, we've got so much opportunity to play with this emulator and add plug-ins and other stuff which will be coming in the upcoming months!


We've got our Discord server which you can access below if you've got any questions or concerns i'm more than happy to answer them, here's to Habcrush Version 5!



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Hola creo Hola estaba conectado y nunca sabía que yo estaba conectado

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